Welcome To Puri Rai Hotel

Accommodation for Families and Couples in Padangbai
Puri Rai Hotel Right in the heart of Dive Area padangbai near candidasa beach, Here we present you with a hotel, a villa and home, where all your dreams coming to true, where cheap and bargain hotels does not always imply the bad things Get personally close with Bali through us here....

About Us

Places Of Beauty, Peace and Comfort
Puri Rai Hotel Padang bai is located on Jl. Silayukti Padangbai, eastern part of Bali. Padangbai predominantly a fishing village and still has enough tourism aspirations to qualify as a great holiday alternative in Bali. The small town is the main gate for Bali and East Nusa Tenggara connection through ferry boats that criss cross Bali strait every 1.5 hours.



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